One of the main attributes of cement fiber siding lies in the fact that it can easily mimic wood based siding materials and wood in general. On top of that, it also requires very little maintenance.

Unlike wood, you won’t have to worry about the color fading with the passing of time or rot as well.

What’s Fiber Cement Siding Made of?

Fiber-cement-claddingIf you were wondering what cement fiber siding is made of, then you should know it’s basically a combination of:

  • cellulose fibers
  • sand
  • cement

Since the fiber siding is made in layers it is available in a variety of exposures. Given the fact that it’s available in a wide range of textures and colors, it makes the material an incredible solution for those who want to adapt it to various architectural styles.

Here is a short Discovery Channel’s video that shows how the cement fiber siding is made:

A Great Choice for Harsh Climate

On the other hand, it could be that you’re living in a harsher climate, such as New England for instance and if that is the case, then you’ll be very happy to know that the cladding holds up a lot better compared to many other types of materials out there.

For example, the cement fiber material can easily withstand the effects of UV rays and it’s also resistant to rotting under salt spray. Many builders seem to use it in historic preservation areas where the use of any other external housing materials is not recommended.

Better yet, cement fiber siding can hold up paint extremely well and therefore ranks as a great choice for matching the amazing colors of historic homes.

Top Siding Types Cost Comparison

Currently, there are 3 main types of sidings you can choose from and each of them have their own pros and cons and are available for a certain price.

The least expensive of the bunch is vinyl siding which requires no or very little maintenance and can last between ten to fifteen years. Its durability is lower than that of fiber cement and it also doesn’t attract animals and insects.

On the other hand, it seems that cement fiber has all the benefits we’ve discussed earlier and it costs between tent to forty percent more than good grade vinyl siding.

However, the most expensive type of siding is definitely brick siding or natural stone siding. The main advantage of this type of siding is that you don’t need to worry about performing any maintenance throughout its lifetime. Unfortunately, when it comes to natural stone, it rarely really fits the style of standard properties.

In terms of affordability, it seems that cement fiber siding is somewhere in the middle. As a homeowner, the benefits will depend on the type of siding you consider, your region’s climate and the maintenance you want to consider.

At the end of the day, whether you want to get siding for a historic property or not, choosing the right siding materials is directly influenced by the style of your home. Therefore, take a very good look at it and then choose the siding material that you think will best complement it.